What is getting the most expensive? These are the main culprits behind inflation

In May, we recorded the highest inflation rate in 10 years, and as a result, absolutely everything became more expensive – the entire industry included.

Raw materials in the plastics market have reached unprecedented price values this year. PET, the most popular in production, has increased in price by more than 60 percent compared to its price at the end of 2020, and polypropylene has risen even more. However, the absolute phenomenon is the granulates of the commonly used polyethylene, whose prices have increased by more than 100 percent.

Today, plastics are not only used to produce packaging for food, medicine and household chemicals, but also to manufacture the majority of clothes, shoes, household items, furniture and the automotive industry is one of the key industries in terms of plastics consumption. It is hard to think of any industry where plastics are not a key raw material, which is why such high inflation is a bad sign for all of us. More expensive materials have a direct impact on product prices, which in turn affects customers.

The entire industry is in a difficult situation, but more about it on: https://businessinsider.com.pl/wiadomosci/co-najszybciej-drozeje-oto-glowni-winowajcy-inflacyjni/hm3sxzs