We invest
in our environment

In EUROCAST Sp. z o.o. we place emphasis on reducing the environmental impact by improving and upgrading the equipment and implementation of advanced recycling technology.

With the launch of the new APET production line, we introduced a new patented product Castfol Eko APET and Lamfol Eko APET. It is a milestone in the production of film from recycled materials.

We minimize the impact of our production onto the environment, starting from the implementation of all restrictions hygiene-related systems ISO 22000 and BRC, ending with film granulating technology.

We are the first link in a long chain of food packaging process and, by implementing modern technologies used in the production of the film, it is us who introduce the pro-environmental measures.

We attach great importance to environmental protection. We focus on manufacturing processes so that they are environmentally friendly. These activities relate to the production, but also apply to storage or transport. At all stages of production, one of the flagship themes of our work is the protection of the environment.


We focus on manufacturing processes so that they are environmentally friendly.

Our advantages

– We have modern technologies, allowing to eliminate the possibility of contamination of the environment during the production processes

– We use the solutions to limit the consumption of energy and other resources, we select the raw materials and products towards the less harmful ones

– The vehicles that we use undergo regular service check-ups in order to maintain minimum fuel consumption; in a number of cars we have also installed LPG systems

– For several years now we have been applying a very restrictive policy of the reduction and selection of waste; some part of our production waste we have been regranulating (PP) or grinding (PET) and reselling for reuse