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    Find out more about Eurocast

    EUROCAST is a leading company in the packaging industry in Europe. We manufacture multilayer, modern flexible and rigid films intended for the production of packaging for the food and medical industries, as well as industrial packaging. Almost 25 years of experience in the plastics market and an ambitious approach to the production process allowed us to build a company that inspires the world of packaging.

    In harmony with the environment

    At Eurocast, we care for the environment at every stage – production, storage and transport. Our production lines are equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring the highest energy efficiency. We also invested in replacing the entire lighting system with LED, which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint on an everyday basis.


    We design the entire process together with you, taking care of every detail. We start with the analysis of needs and definition of issues, up to the implementation of the production process based on the most effective technology.


    In each segment, we provide our Clients with innovative solutions, adapted to the current realities of the plastics industry. 


    In production, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Our laboratory, equipped with modern devices, controls the quality of manufactured products, and the Research and Development Department improves the production technology and introduces new products. We invest in development so that our work is as efficient as possible and enables the highest level of service.

    Our company guarantees timeliness, safety and great care during the execution of orders.