EUROCAST has commissioned an innovative industrial laminating and coating

We are proud to inform that #EUROCAST has commissioned an innovative industrial laminating and coating machine that will further expand our state-of-the-art machine park.

EUROCAST is the first company in Europe to put into operation the multi-technology NOVA D800 LAMINATOR, which will boost the company’s production capacity. This also reaffirms EUROCAST’s place as the leader of innovation in the plastics processing industry.

The multi-technology Nova D800 laminator is a highly efficient machine for plastics processing delivering optimum performance with all run lengths and types of materials, both traditional and designed for recycling.

Apart from the aesthetic effect, aluminium oxides applied to the film significantly improve its insulation parameters, both in terms of oxygen and water vapour permeability, thanks to which the film-packed products remain fresh much longer. Hence, it is a solution dedicated to products that require protection for a long period of time. What’s more, all products produced in compliance with the applicable sanitary regulations, for example food products, that are packed in such film are also COVID-safe, as the coated film provides proper protection against the coronavirus.