Eurocast launches new high barrier, fully-recyclable, EVOH-free packaging films

The freshness and quality of food products depends largely on how they are packaged and the type of packaging used to extend their shelf-life and thus prolong their usability. Properly packaged goods are resistant to the harmful effects of external factors that make them expire more quickly.

CRYSTA-LINE is a series of high-barrier mono-material films without an EVOH barrier layer, launched by Poland’s leading packaging manufacturer Eurocast. In their production process, transparent aluminium oxide (AIOx) coating technology is used. Consequently, the lamination of standard PET film with other materials such as PP film, PE/EVOH/PE film or aluminium has been completely eliminated, which has significantly reduced both the use of raw materials as well as the weight of the packaging.

Thanks to the composition of Eurocast’s new packaging films, the packaging made from them is fully recyclable, as certified by the Institute cyclos-HTP of Aachen (Germany). Following the independent certification process, the new CRYSTA-LINE series was classed as AAA+ and received a 100% recyclability label, which confirms that it is fully recyclable, while still retaining properties comparable to the original product. This means that the films developed by one of Poland’s leading industrial companies fully comply with the circular economy requirements.

The CRYSTA-LINE series includes CRYSTA-LID, CRYSTA-BASE and CRYSTA-LIDPP packaging films.

CRYSTA-LID is a mono-PET lidding film. As compared to commercially available EVOH-based products, it is characterised by low oxygen and water vapour permeability (OTR = 1 cm3/m2 in 24h and WVTR = 0.5-1 g/m2 in 24h). This is due to the use of transparent aluminium oxide (AIOx) coating technology, which provides a fully recyclable barrier. Additionally, CRYSTA-LID offers perfect protection of packaged food, optimal sealing parameters (SEAL, PEEL) and, in the AF option, excellent anti-fog properties. The certificate issued by the Institute cyclos-HTP confirms 100% recyclability of the product, which can be used for different types of food.

The CRYSTA-BASE film is based on mono-material APET. Designed for tray type packaging, it is used for packing food with a long shelf life. This includes in particular maturing cold meats, smoked fish or different types of cheese. The packaging manufactured from CRYSTA-BASE films is also perfect for preservation of fresh food. This is due to their high barrier properties, which are much better than those of similar products with an EVOH layer.

Another film from the CRYSTA-LINE series is CRYSTA-LIDPP. It is a lidding film that can be used for tray packaging made entirely of PP. Together with the PP trays, the CRYSTA-LIDPP film is fully recyclable.

The CRYSTA-LINE series provides a complete, environment friendly solution. Unlike the commonly used multilayer coextruded films, the new mono-material films launched by Eurocast are fully recyclable. Also, thanks to the elimination of the EVOH layer, the production of all CRYSTA-LINE films has a minimal impact on the environment.