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Eurocast was honoured by the OHS monthly “Promotor BHP” in the “Best Practices” category. In an interview published in the April edition of the magazine, our CEO Krzysztof Wiśniewski talked about the good health and safety practices in place in our company, stressed the importance of teamwork, and described the changes in the company’s operations due to the coronaviruspandemic.
“I can see less and less of a division between ‘US’ – the employees and ‘THEM’ – the management. Employees know that their ideas and insights will always be heard.”
Read the conversation with our CEO in the latest issue of “Promotor BHP”.


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We are proud to inform that #EUROCAST has commissioned an innovative industrial laminating and coating machine that will further expand our state-of-the-art machine park.

EUROCAST is the first company in Europe to put into operation the multi-technology NOVA D800 LAMINATOR, which will boost the company’s production capacity. This also reaffirms EUROCAST’s place as the leader of innovation in the plastics processing industry.

The multi-technology Nova D800 laminator is a highly efficient machine for plastics processing delivering optimum performance with all run lengths and types of materials, both traditional and designed for recycling.

Apart from the aesthetic effect, aluminium oxides applied to the film significantly improve its insulation parameters, both in terms of oxygen and water vapour permeability, thanks to which the film-packed products remain fresh much longer. Hence, it is a solution dedicated to products that require protection for a long period of time. What’s more, all products produced in compliance with the applicable sanitary regulations, for example food products, that are packed in such film are also COVID-safe, as the coated film provides proper protection against the coronavirus.

Contact person: Piotr Szymczak

Phone: 0048601687859

Eurocast company responds to the growing market demand for rigid packaging by investing in a new APET extruder. Installation of a third machine for the production of rigid APET films will help to increase its production capacity by about 40%, which will meet the requirements of customers in the rigid films packaging sector.

The machine can produce films with a thickness of 180 to 1200 micrometers and a maximum width of 1050 mm (and thus, it is ideally suited to the needs of companies dealing in thermoforming). Its manufacturer is an Italian company Luigi Bandera. It is yet another device of this manufacturer at Eurocast factory, and it will allow for maintaining quality at the current very high level.

The new extruder will increase our capacity and help meet the growing demand from existing customers, but it will also get our products to markets inaccessible so far

says Krzysztof Wisniewski, president of the Eurocast company.

APET films are becoming increasingly popular as a material for food packaging due to their versatility, the fact that they provide superior product protection and – what is worth emphasizing – the possibility of recovery and recycling.

Majority of the works were completed according to schedule, and the sale of films produced on the new extruder began in mid-August. This investment is a continuation of the investment and development plan of the Company covering the period up to the end of 2018. This will allow to increase the company’s production capacity from 11 to 15 thousand tonnes.  We strive to anticipate our clients’ needs and expectations by increasing flexibility while maintaining quality and service at the highest level – emphasizes Krzysztof Wisniewski.

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